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About Me

Welcome to Nikky LaWell Photography
….where hospitality and good taste are always in style.

Nikky LaWell Photography is a boutique photography studio specializing in family portraits, as well as children and seniors, from an intimate and personal perspective.  Our philosophy is to experience events through the heart and eyes of the people we’re with, to tell their story, with grace and dignity. 

As artists, we must use our skills to see and determine color and light, composition and image layout, trends in fashion and interior design, media, etc.  As humans, we use our hearts to step into our subjects place, and feel their concerns, fears, and emotions.  There must be a communication, a trust to know we give extra efforts to insure their best.  This trust merges together to form a story.

The story captivates the minds and hearts of the viewers.  They evoke emotional responses from laughter to tears, genuine feelings from gentle to passionate.  A strong photograph compels our viewers to react.  It catches their eyes, it touches their hearts.  They observe it, love it, want it solely for themselves, or to give away for someone else to treasure.

Thousands of smiles, hugs and even tears have been preserved and treasured by our clients hearts as well as our own.  We strive daily to serve our guests with a zest for life and a continuing passion for photography, people, art and service.  Experience the difference in having gallery quality photographic decor and albums.

 Nikky LaWell, is Certified Professional Photographer and holds a BFA in photography from the University of Houston.  Her tremendous ideas and listening skills develop into memorable photography sessions.  She has her own dimension of creativity and character that appear in her images.  Her sterling attitude of customer service is evident as she supervises every detail of her client’s imagery.  Nikky’s awards include winning the trophy for Best Wedding in the Southwest Professional Photographers Association, Best Wedding, Texas Professional Photographers Association, and the illustrious Kodak Gallery Award.  Her images have also been selected for exhibition in Fotofest, the world’s largest exhibition of photography, and the International Loan Collection of the Professional Photographers of America.

LaWell Photography